Monday, October 31, 2011

The Best Route to Anywhere!

My Apologies to all  those who visit this blog often, for posting after a very  long  gap. Please let me know if the new look of the site is better or whether I should  Restore Original Settings? ;) 

The Puzzle has been solved ( Read the post to know what the Puzzle was ) I got a job.A good one at a Pharmaceutical Water purification Equipment company .I'm having fun with it.Travelling to Bangalore and Dahej in Gujrat has been an amazing experience I should be blogging some of the weird realizations that happened there and I really hope I blog again soon!

I started working from the 1st of August, 2011 .Before I could start going to work to Khopar Khairane ( Navi Mumbai ) which is about 36 Kms from Home (Goregaon).I asked a couple of people as to which could be the best way to reach there.

I got varied answers but interestingly each one of them was the BEST ROUTE :)

Person 1 : " The best way is by Train Goregaon to Dadar ,Dadar to Thane and Thane to Khopar khairane. You will reach in two hours and if you make a monthly pass that will be the cheapest and the best way to reach Kopar Khairane. Evenings could be a bit difficult to change trains but then you can take the First Class Pass and it will still be cheaper". (I nodded and said thanks)

Person 2 : " Man ! Khopar Khairane is far! Bike shall give u back pain and Trains shall fuck u up! you will  be squeezed till your last drop..take my advice go to Goregaon East and Take the Air Conditioned Bus 525. It takes one and half hours to reach Kopar Khairane .You can travel from west to east by rick.Its fast ,value for money and the best part is you can sleep in the bus and then come out to meet us" (I nodded and said thanks)

Person 3 : " Bus is super costly and  takes long, Trains will tire you .Take my advice and take your bike to work. you shall reach in one hour 15 mins flat.and please go via Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR) there are no potholes " (I nodded and said thanks)

Person 4 : " Take your bike and go by Aarey Colony..its scenic and gives u fresh air.JVLR is full of traffic and signals. Aarey's the best way I can see" (I nodded and said thanks)

Person 5 :"You must be crazy to travel that far , Find a job close by or you'll lose your health and relationships eventually.
Are u sure u want to do this job?"     
( I nodded and said thanks)

The Best Route could be :
1) The Fastest Route
2) The Most Scenic Route
3) The Shortest Route
4) The Least crowded Route
5) The Most Economical Route
6) The _______ Route (fill what you want)

I realized , There is no Best Route to Anywhere and Anything .Every route Gives and Takes away something from you. Its you who decide what you're willing to gain and lose.
People are there to advice you because they Either Love u or because they just Love to advice .
Take the advice that you know you would love to follow . 

In fact I did  what I love the most after asking all the above people :) 
Because only you know what you love the most.

Life does give you a lot of choices but you filter them with your Interests , Likes and Dislikes.
Eventually just make sure the Route you choose is the Route you love and have fun with.

I now got a new Yamaha FZ-S and I ride my way to work everyday and So far I'm loving it.
Once it bores me  ...I'll find a new way to love the route.

Take advice but don't take it seriously.Do what u think will make u happy today ,tomorrow and ten years from now.

Have a great day and keep coming back to Ram's Realizations!


  1. as usual....good one bro :D
    and congrats for new job & FZ-S, i miss my ride :( also new look is cleaner

  2. lovely yaar.....enjoyed reading and advices to but u like me..... love to do wat we like.....and congo for new job take care enjoy....swts

  3. u just keep getting better and better ram....i did miss ur realizations...get back to them now..

  4. The look is definitely good! reader friendly! good post.

  5. nice :D whichever road ur takin.. my ofc is on d way :P drop me :P

  6. Hey!...its amazing the way you co-relate mundane stuff with profound truths in life!waiting for the next one!all the best...just thought I'd let you know-I'm a pharmacy student.:)..take care..God Bless!

  7. Super fantastilicious ;)
    Best of luck for ur job track..i knw u'll definitly purify all the water and bring true emotions/feel out of it!!

  8. totally ryt.. i ve a free railway first class pass (courtesy-mother wrks in railways)ppl call me mad and foolish, yet roads i love.. so i take buses to travel the farthest distance be it wrk, fun or anythng els.. so, true that... do what you love.. :) the look is gd btw... n srry i took tooo long to comment ;)


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