Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Conphused Man!

The Air conditioned bus 525 started from its starting point at Goregaon(Where I stay) .I boarded the bus for my one and half hour long journey to New Bombay (Navi Mumbai -where my college is) .There weren’t too many passengers but I still opted to sit  at the last seat. It is raised above al the other seats and you get the whole view of the bus. There was this 40 year old man who occupied a window seat on the left front side of the bus. As the bus set into motion, he suddenly got up and shifted to the parallel seat on the right side of the bus (coz the morning sunlight flashed on his face .I wished I could tell him he was getting free vitamin D) .Now he was on the front right window seat of the bus. After a while the bus took a curved left turn and suddenly this man gets up( now the sun was on his right ) and tries to move to his original seat. Within which humor happened and he lost his old seat and he turned to his new seat again..and guess what.That was taken too! . He then settled for a seat next to me which was neither window seat nor the front seat nor next to the ladies seat: :P 

The next one hour I pondered upon this incident.(something I do best)
Why is it that we all want a problem free life? the sunlight was the problem for this man...where actually the sunlight isn’t a problem at all. It is going to be there no matter how much u avoid it. As the bus keeps taking turns you cannot keep changing sides..
are we considering many things in life 'problems' where in reality they may have something beneficial for us like vitamin D ;)
Man is one greedy animal and his wish list changes from minute to minute 
1. He leaves from home thinking he should get a bus soon... no matter how crowded it is.
2. He stands at the bus stop and wishes he should at least get to get in a bus...
3. He sees a not so crowded bus coming his way...now he thinks at least I should get to sit inside..
4. It should be a window seat at least so that he has some breeze on his face
5. It should be a window seat on next to the door so that he can get down easily ...
6. The conductor should speak to him properly...he’s a government servant :P
7. He wishes he could have a female who could sit next to him!
8. He wishes the female would talk to him.
9. If she did talk he wishes she would ask him out
10. He now wishes he had no office today and could help the woman carry vegetables until home

And they said dream big....
Not dream fast u idiot....
Bollywood movies nai dekha kya? Dreams are always in slow motion …(remember the hero and the heroine running towards each other on a beach?) So dream slow dream definite…and god will be less confused on what to give u…(if ur an atheist and don’t believe in god..then dream definite for your good so that u know what u really want )
And yea morning sunlight is good for health it is not a problem...
Don’t create problems out of things like sunlight
How many ‘sunlights’ do u have? 


  1. haha! this is so true... have seen this happen lots of times... people jus cant stay happy with things in hand...

  2. ur brain works amazingly...u can pen down so many words for a stanger(who m sure wil definitely thnk twice bfore climbing a bus,had he read ur blog...)
    if people stayed happy with things in hand,then v wud hav definitely been in a different place 2day..neways,nice thought...

  3. thank you devesh and pearl...welcome to my blog :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. hahahahhahaaha...very well written... comparison between the sunlight to everything else we want..brilliant concept..i like your out of the box thinking..good job! :)
    P.S: just a small typo...point no 2 *bus stop

  6. @ram frst this is just excellent again... truly ur realizations are helpin others realise the brighter side of life...
    secondly...i ve read this book nt yet completed tho "many lives many masters" and out of it few lines dat i concluded frm the book... jus here to quote... believe me its so true... "wants and the wait fr these wants in our life never ends... all that ends is we ourselves.. never content with what we have,never patient for things to come at their own time and pace...this is wen v take wrng decisions in haste(like chngin seats).. n life teaches a lesson(nt gettin d seat).. lookin at life thru varius dimensions, thru opportunities usually is missed by human eye...."


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