Saturday, December 4, 2010

Evolve Please - Be human

 I hope Salman Khan doesnt Sue me for using that Title

The following post is a follow up of my previous post Stop Being So Scared. One of my readers took some time for some appreciation and gave me this valuable story, which I thought should be shared with all.
Thank you Janaki.

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In Janaki's words :
"I'm glad I do not listen to my Mom all the time, or without even trying, her fears would become mine. It reminds me of that story of keeping monkey's in a cage and keep bananas on top of a you know that story?

It was an experiment!A few monkey's were put in a cage and Every time a monkey would try to climb up the ladder to eat a banana, water would be sprayed on other monkeys.Each one of them tried once and they all got irritated of the water.After a while,a new monkey was introduced in the cage and every time the new monkey tried to climb, the others pulled him down because they thought the water would be sprayed, even when it wasn't.

Even when the old monkey's were removed and the only new monkey remained with a newer companion, the new monkey stopped the newer monkey from climbing even without knowing the real reason.

Well! That's our society too!
Those who get scared and ask others to be scared are the monkeys in our lives! So don't be a monkey,be a human! :-) "

Janaki is an avid blogger.visit SyncroStation for  talks about Matters that Matter to her.


  1. I so agree with Janaki. My mom is an over protective woman. I have lost lot of fun during my childhood, I am indulging in them now; and I dont listen to her all the time. I feel bad, but its sometimes necessary to be human and not a monkey


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