Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stop Being So Scared

"Have u signed your Journals ? " Screamed Sam (Name changed ..LOL !)
Me: in bewilderment .."why so soon?"
Sam :"dude !  submissions are coming up , they'll screw you if you don't get things signed"
Me : "well my attendance is low they have every right to screw me, but why are you scared ? you've got good attendance"
Sam : (now perplexed).."yea! but I dont know, I'm just scared ,how can you not be its the 'Submissions' "
Me: okay I know its a big thing in an engineers life but what are u scared about? I stil dont get it.
Sam: You need to be serious in life Ram, You should be scared about certain things.
Me: Being Scared makes u Impaired ! ( I had one of my eureka moments after I made up this statement,
for that moment you feel super good about yourself for coming up with something like that  and secretly pat yourself)
Sam left, still thinking  I was a nut and I'm sure he never understood my statement .

There are these Scared Sams everywhere..loitering in college corridors worrying about assignments, midterm exams,Prelim exams, Library cards, Project work, Home work ,Drawing sheets, Classes, Signatures, Grades, phew endless list!
There are similar Scared Sams in workplaces who find something to be scared about at all times.

I just re winded my life and thought about the things that I was scared of , I wondered whether they really matter today..and to my surprise none of the things I was scared about really helped me .Being scared is such a waste of time

Pre-school : I was scared of  Mrs.D'souza (she was a sweet female is what I realized after primary school) coz she used to make huge eye balls at kids who pee in their pants and most of the times her fear is what made them pee. Was the fear worth it?? I could have spent time much better but not worry about how not to pee in class.

Primary school: Scared of Vira teacher ,Scared of the Pranks I couldnt stop playing ,Scared of remarks in the school calender..which would cost us our dear marks . (Today I realize its all my pranks and my remarks that has made my primary schooling life worth re-collecting)

Secondary school : Scared of Desai sir( a wonderful person)..for he used to beat us up for mischief ! Today its fun talking about it. Back then guys where scared when Desai started removing his rings from his right hand fingers and put them into his left hand fingers..(LOL that was his signal ...I'm Angry)!

Then I was scared in the ninth ,coz people told me ninth is tougher than tenth .The Maths chapter SURDS still sends a chill down my spine!

Then came the tenth boards . I was scared for my scores .I thought they really mattered in life!
Whether I'l get a good college or not,whether I'll be able to take up science or not.Family prestige issue..blah blah bullshit

Some teacher had told me I He'll change his name if i got more than 60% and I was shit would I get admission .what would I tel my friends .??(I ended up geting 80%)

Scared No More!

Junior college- Scared of  doing practicals correctly, attending classes for boards in 12th ,scared of what girls would think of me ( no one even looked at me , but I was stil scared) ..Scared of screwing up in my Boards...I was so scared ...I did screw up..then  I thought it was the end of the world..I could never be an Engineer.. but then Common Entrance Test happened and I scored decent enough to get an Engineering seat

In Engineering people are scared about their scores, grades, impressions, scared of their girlfriends/boyfriends ,scared whether they'll get a high paying job, Scared whether they'll get settled before they marry...damn the list is endless...

Half of our lives are spent in being scared about something...if we are so scared where are we gonna get the time to enjoy simple moments.
We are more afraid of that unseen monster than we are some of the people we let into our lives.The truth is the monster doesn't exist..parents and teachers have always used fear to motivate us to  do better which is so wrong, and now being scared is just another habit.

Its okay to get low scores, its okay to get punished at times..its okay to be surprised but don't be scared
Being scared makes you Impaired- ©Ram Santosh
When  was the last time you did something without being scared ?
Have fun every moment ,be whacky ,sneak out, do something you've never done before
Life's too short to be scared and live with it.

Dare to be not scared and life will be much better!

I remember one of my status updates on Facebook:

Life is race ,true,but you run your own
you decide the Start line n you decide the Finish
you don't Win or Lose till you think you have
For you can lose only when you run somebody else's race!
Competition may be necessary...but Commuting is far more important Run your own race

So dont be scared, be who you are
smile at yourself you're a superstar! -R.A.M


  1. @ pranoy u'll never get rid of your stupid sarcasm will you? i like it that u try to be humorous at someone else's cost !

  2. @ to all future readers...not being scared in no way connects to me being a mafia don ..or a ripley believe it or not!

  3. hey ram!! hehe.. am not Mahatma Gandhi!

    liked the post.. very true.. remembered our teachers.. especially Desai Sir's signal of being angry.. to be frank i used to get scared of Matilda teacher also.. she used to pinch ears real bad.. hahaha.. how can i forget!!

  4. @yogeeta i wish i could like comments even on the blog!

  5. I so loved it , well said ..... u made me run down my memory lane, seriously all those things hardly matter today ! IMPRESSED :)

  6. u looked sooo sooo sooo cute as a kid!!!! oops couldn't help noticing that man!
    "Run ur own race"...nice thought!! grt work Ram

  7. awaesmmme wrk dear... being scared really takes toll over ur life... be it love or jus a caring hug... u noe der were sooo many thngs i din do jus cos i was scard... bt thnx... m truely inspired by this post of urs... willl look at life with a difrnt perspective... mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh keeep up d AMAZZZZZIIIINNNGGGGG wrkk...

  8. n yea d piks r cuuuuuuttttttttttttttte... mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh to dem toooo...

  9. @ payal thank you so much , im happy you're impressed

  10.'re gona be voted my number one fan!!
    thank you Saniya!

  11. thanks a tonne boss and best wishes..

  12. Superb Post!
    Loved your writing!
    Loved your copyrighted statement!

    I believe fear is in all of us,its a natural reaction to an unknown situation. but as The Mountain Dew Ad says, "Darr ke aage Jeet hai!"

    I could relate to a lot of things you've mentioned we get scared of when we are young...mamma still says,"janaki listen to me when I say don't do your age we would get scared if our parents warned us against something!"

    I'm glad I did not listen to her all the time, or without even trying, her fears would become mine. It reminds me of that story of keeping monkey's in a cage and keep bananas on top of a you know that story?

    It was an experiment!A few monkey's were put in a cage and Every time a monkey would try to climb up the ladder to eat a banana, water would be sprayed on other monkeys.Each one of them tried once and they all got irritated of the water.After a while,a new monkey was introduced in the cage and every time the new monkey tried to climb, the others pulled him down because they thought the water would be sprayed, even when it wasn't.

    Even when the old monkey's were removed and the only new monkey remained with a newer companion, the new monkey stopped the newer monkey from climbing even without knowing the real reason.

    Well! That's our society too!
    Those who get scared and ask others to be scared are the monkeys in our lives! So don't be a monkey,be a human! :-)
    And yeah, you look cute! ;-)

    Keep writing and enjoy~

  13. truly itz an exemplary writing..!i hv read ur earlier posts..evertym ders an element wich appeals 2 d core...!gr8 goin...keep writing..!hoping 2 see ur more posts wich wil amaze me again n again...:)

  14. @jsincro a fan of urs...
    if only people could be more elaborate with their views n comments life would be so good..
    i have my exams tomorrow (sem VII) and i just logged in to see if ne one has liked the article..and i see ur comment..
    thank u so much maam!
    I LIKE !

  15. @janaki n yea...thanx for the story ...amazing one..and even more thanx for the compliment ;)

    @anonymous...please give ur name or email so that i can thank you!!

  16. itz minakshi..nd here is my email

  17. Hey,
    I've been into blogging for a while and I know how it feels to get a comment...and I love long elaborate detailed comments! But I wasn't sure if I should let myself lose on your blog ;-) I thought of ending the comment with..."Oops! That was an awfully long comment"...But took a chance,and I'm glad I dint get scared and took a chance ;-)
    And yeah, you wrote a full post on my comment so that's cool...I'm going to let myself lose on people's blogs from now on :-)
    Best of Luck for your Exams!
    I've mine by the end of this month too.

  18. @ janaki ..ur doing so much justice to my statement!

    "Being scared makes you Impaired
    Take a'l be glad you dared!"

  19. dud...i know wa u mean by dis blog of urs :P....thanxx so is true!!!!

  20. @'re smart man!
    just show it off!!

  21. nice one...nd inspiring too.even i hav experienced scary moments in my lyf since childhud....nd i think aftr reading ths....i shud chnge...hope nd i do....

  22. Being scared makes you Impaired- ©Ram Santosh

    now dis wll bcom ma status for facbook....its worth for it..

  23. Good post!

    Fear takes the real joy away from our lives and we have hard to make the right decisions if we have too much fear in our souls.


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