Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Biking Diaries :The Point of Action

Good day fellow Realizer !
I must apologize for being off the blog-o-sphere for about 4 months now..I'll be lying if i say I was really busy..but yea I've been really busy thinking about loads of silly things (life ,career,blah blah)...and when you do that you realize that you aren't realizing anything.. and then I came across this quote by  William Shakespeare 

"There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so." 

That quote ...followed by a hate mail (called ufff mail by her) from one of my readers...made me realize that it was high time I stop thinking and start  realizing again! Its like when you are so sucked into doing what you have to forget what you want to and I wanted to write since so long. 

I ride about 70 odd kilometers everyday to my work place and back, and when I'm not silly racing with some other foolish brother or looking at some good looking female... (Trust me Traffic moves Suddenly slower when you have a nice looking female riding a scooter in the middle of the road... Most people then remember they have a side view mirror .The top view of the road seems some what like this) 
yea where was I? ..biking makes me wonder if its teaching me a new lesson each day...and sometimes I wish I could records my thoughts as and when I feel like.

If there's one thing I've learnt most from my bike and what I believe separates good riders from the is 'Decision making' .. the Point Of Action.

There are times ,like you see the diagram here where you either need to overtake through the left or through the right because you have a big big truck at the center of the road and you can barely see whats ahead and you go through the 'Moment of Confusion' and in the blink of a second (oh yea do read BLINk! by Malcom Gladwell ...awesome stuff) you make  decision ,which decides how far and fast do u get  to your destination ! 

That kinda explains how we make choices in our lives .We don't know what lies ahead but we still need to make one.

The faster you ride the quicker the decisions your need to come.... if if you wanna get ahead really must  learn to make decisions really fast... 

Its not always you make the right decision...At times we make wrong choices and end up getting stuck and stagnant and the car in front of you just wont go any faster...That's when you need to know ...that you need correction
once you realize having made a wrong one...

Brake down ! Decelerate ! and change route! else you mite bang in to some car and never get home! 

For those who don't ride bikes and the above makes no sense to you:

I read about a curve some years ago called the Inflection curve... and today it makes more sense to me .. The point of inflection is the point at which the decisions are made ..There are many inflection points or Points of Action , as I call them ,in life and they shape our relationships, businesses and our future.

Life is the sum of all your choices after all"

That's it for now..Make decisions and make them fast because I believe  ..
"There are no good and bad decisions...only decisions you learn from and decisions that make you happy. "-Ram Santosh.

Thank yourself for all the choices you made in the past that has got you here today..its a nice feeling to realize you have come a long way.

Special message to all bikers: Ride to Commute not to Compete ..I've seen the best of riders and the best of their ride safe ! cheers and keep coming back to Ram's Realizations.


  1. Nice Post….Sriram. Yes! In our journey of life, we do have to take quick decisions which can sometimes make or break the end result which we had in mind. But the person who realizes his mistake and takes corrective action immediately is the one who has the last laugh!

  2. hey ace......nice paradigm you built there :)

  3. awsum...u write so well ram <3...i always learn a bit abt lyf wen i lade here :):)


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