Friday, June 24, 2011

P-art of the Puzzle!

I thank Jyot Rekhi ,Sujata Vedula and Saniya Hussain for asking me to write something new and more importantly Imran Mujawar and Akshay Jain for being there when this was discussed.

Part of Puzzle Ram santosh, source:
Engineering is finally over and now its time for us to get jobs.Imran and I were discussing how to go about this job hunt because both of us are devoid of exceptional academic records.This conversation had been going on ever since the day exams ended.In the mean while I had to clean my table laden with books (I dunno how many I actually read) and my cupboard and clear some old books.I found a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle that I hadn't touched for years now.

I remembered how easy it was to first pick up the pieces with least number of  interlocking sides.. and place them at the top and sides.Then you pick up the pieces which are the largest or most clearly visible or with  similar colour patterns ,those that make sense to the eye and place them in the puzzle..Eventually I'd be left with some really complex pieces of the puzzle which are a bit difficult to understand .You don't know which is side up or side down u keep postponing them to place them in the end..they are generally the smallest but the toughest to place..They get ignored by us at the beginning because they aren't easily understood. But eventually you have to put them into the puzzle to complete the jigsaw and it is complete only after that tiny /complex/ignored piece has been placed and till then the puzzle is incomplete.

Ram Santosh-Part of puzzle,

I met Imran in the afternoon and as we discussed about our attempts to get jobs again ,I thought may be we are ignored now, may be our credentials aren't understood,may be our academics are complex but they need us We complete the puzzle .Each one has a role to play and this thought assured us we will be working sometime ahead if not soon.We decided what to do with our resumes and where to post them and suddenly felt much better.

Part of the puzzle -Ram
Its been more than two months I wrote last and some very nice people have been asking me "What happened? no more writing?" and when I say "you follow my blog?" and they say " ever since u started".I was left behind with a smile..a smile that ran deeper than just my face.I sure smile always, but this one ,I felt as if i cant pull back my cheek muscles.Appreciation does make you feel alive and worthy.

No matter how you write good/bad you are, how charming/boring you are needed by lot of people, you are needed by the world .You form a part of their puzzle..and you complete them.However small and complex you may be,you sure have a place in the puzzle.

The world is a big puzzle and without you It ain't complete. You fit in somewhere.
Smile and have fun with life.
Wish me luck to find my puzzle soon ;)

Heartfelt thank you to all image sources...this post would have been dry if not for the perfect images

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