Thursday, April 7, 2011

Screaming beyond Silence!

Every movie or book we come across and is liked is because it has some deep correlation to the events of your life,some characters that resemble you or some characters that resemble the people you know closely.  I watched the movie The King's Speech (true story of King George VI ) and this movie brought back memories of my childhood and my days as a teenager.If you have seen the movie you must have guessed already but for those who haven't  ...yes I'm talking about the chronic stammering /stuttering that the king has to deal with.

No one learns to stutter when they learn to talk .It all starts due to some trigger event.I believe that stammering is more of a psychological problem that a medical one.My oldest memories of the problem that i recollect is when i was 5-6 years old and the elder boys that i played with made fun of it not knowing how much damage it is causing me.Its unfair to blame them as Hritik Roshan (a stammerer himself) says "it is one of those disabilities that is laughed at" and I believe it requires maturity and a proper understanding to realize that it is a problem ,which most young kids lack.

I dreaded going to the local store to buy bread or milk because the shopkeeper used to mock and repeat my words which sounded some what like  Ba- Ba- Ba  bread and Wa W w wafers. On couple of occasions the other customers just burst out laughing and i cried tears and went back running home.On one occasion a man tried to steal the 50 rupee note that i was holding in my hand for buying medicines and I couldn't even shout for help..words just wont come out..I came back home with the torn note which the fist of an 8 year old can hold.

Meeting people at public gatherings was always a pain as it required me to relatives.I avoided telephonic conversations because it made the listener impatient. School rapid reading sections were always pathetic and i wished the bell rang before my turn came in...when it didn't..I used to shift places with some other friends I had .
Omkar Shibad,Dhruv Mucchal,Aziz Bootwala,Vivek Changoiwala ,Umang Shukla ,Bhaswati Unni, Shruti Menon and Priyanka Pitti are some of the people who realized this discomfort and dared others not to laugh at me.I Thank them today.

Theres a difference between knowing the answers and answering them and I always chose not answering.Eating Samosa was much easier coz I couldnt ask for Wa wa wa wadapav unless the guy is looking at where I'm pointing.

The only times I did not stammer is when  prayed  or when I spoke to myself.

Time moved on I went to national college(considered to be one of the cool colleges as far as crowd is concerned) and while other boys were busy talking to girls I watched.Slowly and steadily by the beginning of engineering I spoke a bit and realized my views were appreciated and even needed by some.My mother has been my best friend and my coach..and I still remember the times I just couldn't stop stammering and her eyes would fill.

Today I want to thank all those people who suppressed their smiles while I spoke ..gave me time to complete my sentences and waited for my opinions on things.The only way to cure this is making their views felt needed and it requires more than just hearing listen to them.

For any stammerer reading this remember a doctor or a coach can only teach you how to play the game ..but in the end its you who is on the playground . You alone can cure this .If you look inside and find reasons you'll get one strong reason which can bring out the never before side of yours waiting to be heard and cheered and scream beyond the silence and make it audible to everyone.

I know times have changed times people wish I shut up and stop talking...but its been in there for all these years and now it feels good to hear myself out .Thank you for reading ..keep coming back to Ram's Realizations.

Click here for a list of stammerers....may be you'll find someone who you admired !


  1. Yeah! I remember both of y'all having this it never seemed to me, as smethng dat SHOULD be made fun of! Infact, people who stammer, I dnt knw how to put it...maybe hve a certain style of speaking which atleast i find quite attractive! :D
    I mean, I atleast love the way Hrithik speaks!

  2. @rithika thank you so much!Hope i got my own style! ;)

  3. Bravo bud!.. so proud of you. And just so you know, will never tire of your "talking".
    Keep it noisy!!

  4. Its a pity that people are immature enuf to laugh at someones disability....

    And yeah people who stammer can be helped by themselves better than anyone else!!!!

    Thanks anyways!

  5. respect! amongst all the fights we had, honestly never thought about this aspect always was rock vs austin and the brood!!! good post kudos

  6. @thank you jyoti..krithika and aj!

  7. A person is never known by his speaking attributes but by his speaking me i have never noticed about ur stammering till u reminded me bout it today...great job

  8. hi friend,
    you are tagged in my friday's post. thanks for connecting me last friday.
    Please check here A Magic Lamp 'cause my Wishes will never End..

    Happy Blogging.

  9. I don believe u actually used to stammer :)
    Well you have carried yourself thru the problems too beautifully.

    Good!! very sentimental write up. Beautifully expressed! :)

  10. im amazed by seeing ur blog...
    im gona defntly watch the movie (King speech)
    but wats the actual way to cure stammering becoz some people stammer frm birth 4them medicines are used but some stammer due to tension/mentally..wats the cure 4them??

  11. Unbelievable, it was more of my story. Yeah, people make fun of us quite often but I have learn the art of laughing with them when in heart I cried.

    The level of stammering has lowered since I shifted place and came to a altogether different place for my engineering. I don't stammer a lot now.

    I guess, the only remedy to it is self confidence. Earlier whenever I had to go for the news reading in the assembly or I have to read a chapter in class I used to say to myself this line-- I can do it & I will do it. And, it helped me a lot. From a person who used to take a hell amount of time even to speak his name is organizing events in college. Things have changed.

    I never linked back to any post in the blogosphere. This will be my first post I will link back.

    I'm following you brother. :)

  12. @ aarthi thank you so much.

    @nitin thanx brother...there are no medicines for stammering...i will write a blog about it on how to cure it have written on of the most elaborate comments on my blog...thank you! and ur a far senior blogger than me...feels good to get your attention :)

  13. hmmmmmmmm....... i wud add smethng here smetyms ppl feel that ur pretendin or want or seek attention n dats y u do it... dats wat actualy has hppnd to me.. dey don realise may b v r differnt n its wat i feel that God's creation they r laafin at.. n indeed ram tho u kept mum ur mind n heart speaks nw much more than any brilliantly speakin person does.. i hope i will find my space too.. n u noe one of the ppl i thank fr makin me realise thngs is u... THANK U!!!! :)

  14. This was one of the best posts I've ever had the pleasure of reading. You write very well. Kudos to you.

  15. cmon you do not need to write such posts, you do not need to high light it, its nothing important, its just very normal, even i stammer at times but for me its just i am getting few extra seconds to think...thats it...anyways was a nice read... :)

    Unruly Rebel
    something THEY call life

  16. I will just say these words..

    "I Can"..and "I can not"..
    Both the things are possible..exactly the way you want..
    Because your mind is steered by you and no one else..
    And it can cross the 'DARK'..without incurring any dent..
    For the torch of the 'WILL' can light the way..always..
    With it's 'Switch' that you control..each night and every day..!

  17. Stammerer myself, I must admit it's difficult to see the good in social situations sometimes. The classroom is even worse. This post lightened my spirit. Genuinely written, purely felt.

  18. thank you for your comments Manni,sharad, unruly rebel, cardinal ruby and saniya!

  19. good post..n thanks boss..wil stay connected..

  20. Nice post Ram.
    I believe all of us have some or the other problems that we are dealing with, but some problems are open for others to see and that's when people mock other's, knowing fully well that it's a problem area and that the person in question is trying hard to deal with it. Mocking and commenting and making fun of others is born out of one's own insecurity.
    Anyway, all that mocking and laughing finally goes around to make you stronger, smarter and able to deal with any criticism that cums up in future.

    All d best.

  21. it is good that these days there is help. in the old days, you get teased when you stammer. very well written!

  22. Ram ,it doesnt matter even if ppl stammer if thy r right n true bout themselves...afteraal,srk got himself credit by stammering....every1 stammers wen tensed..(engineers during viva 4 xample,a boy proposing a gal,son telling his parents bout his unxpected decisions)...but ya d way u brought out dis article rally moved me...way 2 go buddy!!!!!:)

  23. i am still finding ways to get rid of it......i hope i does some day.......

  24. I have no clue who you are, but wanted to compliment you for your entries, you write well.


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