Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Remember Thy Dream

I cleaned my cupboard some days ago and happened to see a notebook I had filled up almost 6 years ago.It was from a workshop I had attended after my tenth boards. What I saw in it moved me more than words could describe.

There was this page on which I had written some of the things I thought could be defined as my dreams. A dream list sort of 

There were more than thirty dreams on the list. Some of them were silly (silly for now, but for a 15 year old it 
was a dead serious list)

As I read the whole list I had this dumbfounded open mouthed look on my face which defined my 
bewilderment. I could not just believe that some of them had already come true and i never realized that they did

Here are some of the things that did come true in the years ahead...And at some point had been a distant dream. I’ve explained why.

My first bike and Me
1. Owning a bike, and riding it like crazy .at that point biking was a strict no no..and I was to inherit my father’s kinetic scooter..Till it got stolen and my dad wanted a replacement.. my LIC agent knew I wanted a bike and he sold off his Yamaha 125 to me for a mere 12k!

2. Becoming a chemical engineer. (should have put 'becoming a good chemical engineer' – be careful for what u wish for) back then in the tenth I dint know what it was to be a chemical engineer, I dint realize it even when I took admission that I was opting for chemical. when I saw this page…I was  flabbergasted

3. Staging a concert. (And what a grand way that happened, in front of more than 500 plus Datta Meghe College people, and I was scared they would boo me to death !) now Ive done more than one concert .
My first Stage performance

Second performance

4. Growing my hair long. ( I cursed my engineering drop , I thought my life was over .Now when I look back I realize the last 2 dreams wouldn’t have come true had I not got the drop. and I love my hair now! views and comments invited on fb :)  )

5. Beating up someone in college like in Hindi movies (I got beaten up too but it was fun) Kids please keep such dreams away from your diaries.

6. Play the guitar (gifted by mom 3 years ago!  I still don’t know how to play it well . but im glad I could compose a few songs of my own)

7. Be on Television for a good reason (and how grand it was. I had come on TV to play the song I myself had written and composed, prime time 7 pm on Bindass channel..This dream came true because of the above dream)

8. Go on a Road trip (Leh Ladakh -21st June '10 to 5th July 10-check out the pictures in my face book album)
Standing half naked at -5 degrees witnessing my first snowfall at khardungla (Leh)
And there were some more small ones which I would like to keep to myself.

However small and trivial they were some had actually come true without my conscious realization. I felt like the rest of them were also gonna come to life and it filled me with a degree of happiness that I had never experienced before.

While we were kids we dreamt of having that geared cycle,video game,those GI-joes, Hotwheels  and when we got it we forgot it was our dream, we dream of sitting/driving  in some car and some day u actually are , the deal is dreams do come true..but we seldom remember them.

I was so glad I wrote them down … knowing that your dreams have come true is the best thing that can amplify your pursuit of happiness ;)

Imagine you running as fast as u could and no one ever told u where the finish line was…no matter how many times u crossed the finish line…you just don’t know that u have won!

Most people keep running such races for life…and always wear a disgusted tired look on their face that says ‘life sucks’ ..in reality they don’t know how much it has given them

Most of us change dreams so fast we don't realize which ones have come true! Take time to acknowledge what you have to day..may be ur having that perfect relationship with ur parents, with your love, may be u have what you wanted the most at some point ...weve been running so fast that we dont take time to look into the past and acknowledge ourselves 
.after all life is all about having what you dont have rather than having what others dont have. The trouble is we want to own what others dont have.

Take time to kiss your mom and tel her how sweet shes been to you, Kiss your automobile and tel her she was ur dream once..(driving becomes so much fun) and  thank god for the life you've had so far .

Its important to acknowledge simple victories in life…every dream come true gives hope for another one…
I’m listening to Dream on by Aerosmith…awesome song!0
Listen to it and remember to dream and more importantly write them down…you’ll have reasons to have lived your life well and so that u could realize as they come true.

People and even your close friends or family members would at times try to discourage you from realizing your dream. Remember 'The world wants you to remain average! '

But then dream on...
and write them down !
show it to them years later 
and smile as u watch them frown!
So Write to remember and remember to write - take care and keep coming back to Ram's Realizations

PS:  Writing what 10 people would read was again a dream!
Thanks to you to have made this possible :)


  1. i now wonder what was my dream 5-6 years back....... i wish i had written it too ......... anyways good post man .

  2. nicely written bhai....keep up d work

  3. good 1...
    u made me to recollect what was my dreemz 5 yrs back...

  4. Awesome brother!! too good! :D

    and yeah, truly a REALIZATION!

  5. Nice post once again!
    Guess I'll write my own post on my dreams and realising them. Me and my best friend Sim have been sitting for years and making plans, huge plans and many times we got disappointed cause we weren't heading anywhere at all. But a few days back, she finally passed her CA, and we just realised, dreams do come true! It's because they have come true for us and some others around us that we dream more....

  6. Hi ,reminds me of the movie 'turning 30'in this movie actress writes a wish list she wants to fulfill before she's 30 and then finds the book when she was 29 yeazrs 10 months!And she does fulfill those dreams.Good write up:)

  7. @Thank you anoop, shashank, swapnil, rithika, mayuri , janaki, anand and raji!
    i really appreciate u guys for having taken time to comment on this!
    thanks again

  8. @minakshi- all d adjectives are apt 2 be put up in dis article..i so much luvd it..d immediate thing i wil do after commenting is i wil write down my dreams...we ppl learn, feel , connect thru ur article..(atleast i do)dat is d essence of a writer....!:)keep up d good wrk...god bless..!

  9. @ surbhi -i still dont remember ma dreams!!! i guess i ws either ignorant or ws busy fulfillin oder's dreams!!! i still remember ppl askin "wht do u wanna become" n der ws i standing blank!!! but nw i guess i knw wht i will b!! but da most important thing is tht i knw who i am...

  10. dreams r better off as dreams.. i do agree but few come true.. els dey dont... but u ve written really well dude.. hats off...

  11. Wow dude good write up.... :)
    I think its amazingly expressed!

  12. Beautifully drafted and expressed.... I wish i never lost my diary in floods :'( I too would have something to find that i am yet to achieve...

    Anyways, u made me rellive my childhood and dreams in ur few minutes ka post... THANKS A TONNE !!
    Wish to see newer posts soon :)


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