Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nothings Here To Stay

I look at the sky and see a hundred stars smiling at me
telling me it wont really matter so much and to let it be
time shall mend d heart and the broken knee
don't die thinking about tomorrow ,live free

I look at the trees as they flow their leaves on me,
telling me they never knew how big they could be.
people talk about how big or small the shadows are,
leave behind their time changing perceptions n get far.

I look at the stray ,lying down at my feet,
telling me how not every day is one big treat.
stones are pelted n scars remain on the skin
but some one worthwhile heals the worldly sins.

So I look at myself in the mirror and say
what happened isn't forever ,just for today.
tomorrow shall be a brighter new day,
be it happiness or dismay ,it isn't here to stay.

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Best Route to Anywhere!

My Apologies to all  those who visit this blog often, for posting after a very  long  gap. Please let me know if the new look of the site is better or whether I should  Restore Original Settings? ;) 

The Puzzle has been solved ( Read the post to know what the Puzzle was ) I got a job.A good one at a Pharmaceutical Water purification Equipment company .I'm having fun with it.Travelling to Bangalore and Dahej in Gujrat has been an amazing experience I should be blogging some of the weird realizations that happened there and I really hope I blog again soon!

I started working from the 1st of August, 2011 .Before I could start going to work to Khopar Khairane ( Navi Mumbai ) which is about 36 Kms from Home (Goregaon).I asked a couple of people as to which could be the best way to reach there.

I got varied answers but interestingly each one of them was the BEST ROUTE :)

Person 1 : " The best way is by Train Goregaon to Dadar ,Dadar to Thane and Thane to Khopar khairane. You will reach in two hours and if you make a monthly pass that will be the cheapest and the best way to reach Kopar Khairane. Evenings could be a bit difficult to change trains but then you can take the First Class Pass and it will still be cheaper". (I nodded and said thanks)

Person 2 : " Man ! Khopar Khairane is far! Bike shall give u back pain and Trains shall fuck u up! you will  be squeezed till your last drop..take my advice go to Goregaon East and Take the Air Conditioned Bus 525. It takes one and half hours to reach Kopar Khairane .You can travel from west to east by rick.Its fast ,value for money and the best part is you can sleep in the bus and then come out to meet us" (I nodded and said thanks)

Person 3 : " Bus is super costly and  takes long, Trains will tire you .Take my advice and take your bike to work. you shall reach in one hour 15 mins flat.and please go via Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR) there are no potholes " (I nodded and said thanks)

Person 4 : " Take your bike and go by Aarey Colony..its scenic and gives u fresh air.JVLR is full of traffic and signals. Aarey's the best way I can see" (I nodded and said thanks)

Person 5 :"You must be crazy to travel that far , Find a job close by or you'll lose your health and relationships eventually.
Are u sure u want to do this job?"     
( I nodded and said thanks)

The Best Route could be :
1) The Fastest Route
2) The Most Scenic Route
3) The Shortest Route
4) The Least crowded Route
5) The Most Economical Route
6) The _______ Route (fill what you want)

I realized , There is no Best Route to Anywhere and Anything .Every route Gives and Takes away something from you. Its you who decide what you're willing to gain and lose.
People are there to advice you because they Either Love u or because they just Love to advice .
Take the advice that you know you would love to follow . 

In fact I did  what I love the most after asking all the above people :) 
Because only you know what you love the most.

Life does give you a lot of choices but you filter them with your Interests , Likes and Dislikes.
Eventually just make sure the Route you choose is the Route you love and have fun with.

I now got a new Yamaha FZ-S and I ride my way to work everyday and So far I'm loving it.
Once it bores me  ...I'll find a new way to love the route.

Take advice but don't take it seriously.Do what u think will make u happy today ,tomorrow and ten years from now.

Have a great day and keep coming back to Ram's Realizations!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Far Away Illusion

On a Sunday evening ,me and a couple of other friends had met at Ratish's place a.We were working on some script to be made into a movie.Within in no time all the actors turned up and we had to get multiple copies of the script for all the actors to rehearse a scene.After half n hour of deciding who will go to stationary shop and get the printouts I was chosen .

I left his house and it started raining and I was told that the Photocopy (xerox) shop was just a few blocks away.I had no vehicle and decided to walk.To my dissapointment  it was a sunday and the store was closed..so did that mean I should go back ??
NO I had to get the work done...I thought.
I called up ratish again and asked him where else can I get it...and he mentioned a place that was about 15 minutes walk and I yelled back at him...called him nuts to ask me to walk that far for some printouts.and the rains were driving me crazy.I missed my bike which is now home and not keeping well .

Suddenly something struck me and I remembered a time...when we needed alcohol at nite and we walked the 'same distance' to get some beer from a bar that was close to the photocopy shop.Did I complain back then?? No prizes for guessing ...Hell no.

Why did the same distance generate different emotions in me??
Obviously my mind and the way it functions had a lot to do with the distance.

My sister takes one LONG hour to reach Churchgate to her college and at the same time..she takes JUST one hour to reach fashion street. (Same place )

After having traveled by road upto Leh - Ladakh and back  (6000 Kms +) every road trip seems reachable in just a matter of days.But for most people Me traveling to my college from Goregaon to Airoli (32 kms) is madness.

There are no real distances...only Perceived ones.
"Perceived distances and efforts are indirectly proportional to Interest" -Ram Santosh
More the interest lesser the distance seems.So stop cursing the distances...it you who make it seem longer or harder to get.
How far you will go depends upon how(badly)  much you want IT  / HER/ HIM /THEM . 
When you love what you do you loose track of time, the efforts put and distances traveled seem minuscule but when the interest fades that same effort ,that same time and that same distance seems like a lot.
A small paradigm shift can help you cut distances and keep interests alive.Its all about how far you want to make things seem.
Look closely ..both are same length...I still
 felt the lower one longer!

Have nice day and keep coming back to Ram's Realizations :)

Image sources : Google 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Wednesday

Black Friday is now forgotten ..soon the Wednesdays will be forgotten too...
 This is what they call the spirit of Mumbai.
This is where we begin...this is where we finish...it has been and will be for god knows how long. ~Ram Santosh

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Love De-coded

[In the following passage, by LOVE I mean the emotion of affection and attachment shared by a couple. i.e. a man and a woman. This has got nothing to do with world love...and kindness and compassion towards an animal, plant or a needy person]

We all have various definitions of what love is and what love means to us. Google love quotes and you shall get all what great people have said about love.For most of us  it is a sum of all what you have perceived under the Label /Idea 'Love'...Experiences that are yours(visual or physical) or someone else's (word of mouth, visual or may be heard sounds next door).

Movies,music and novels have a big role to play in how we perceive love.

For some ,"this...yea this...what Gerard Butler does for Hillary Swank is love... (Movie PS I love you) "

Some feel "THIS....what happened between Salman Khan and Bhumika Chawla in Tere Naam is love"... (kya pickhar banaila hai Bantai )

Some feel whatever Shahrukh Khan does for Aishwariya rai in Mohabbatien or for Kajol in DDLJ is love...and we live all our lives hoping for fairy tales to happen to us...to make us believe what’s happening is love. .kya yehi pyaar hai....??

"Most of us get or don’t get love because of how we define love...change your definitions and you might be having it all around you, or may be not "
Ram Santosh

The way I see it is...the word love is highly over rated...just like the words Commitment, Leadership and Talent What we think is love in the air or love at first sight is actually a very formulated match the column kind of scenario where everything fits in perfectly. I really feel love has got a flowchart to it. A pattern that it usually takes and makes u believe in the end that you are in love. I often hear people telling me (in order to sound good in that moment) that I fell in love looking at his character or her eyes and nothing else. Which I feel is to some extent wrong because the human brain analyzes in more than one attribute.

What you feel like 'Love' is actually the fulfillment of Four Criterion  

1. Physical attributes (Physical aspects of the partner. includes eyes,smile,style  ...guys here’s the stats part. .Girls I know there are some of you who are like "character is more important" hell yeah it is..how does the idea of  marrying an nice ugly guy sound?)

2. Emotional support (yeah guys need it too....)This has to be the biggest criteria that has to fit in for love to work out.If you can't give it...there are others waiting to do show that they can ;) 

3. Social support (how your partner presents in public ...specially in front of family and FRIENDS ).How your friends/family perceive your partner is the cause of most hook ups and break ups.

4. Innovation (you can’t buy him a t-shirt on all important days and you can’t get away with the same old chocolate cake and roses on all occasions )This criteria is applicable only when the partners have spend some time enough to call it an affair.

Without even one of the above parameters ,the emotion ' Love 'cannot be sustained for long.Most of break ups or fall outs happen because of lack of either of the above mentioned criteria by one of the partners or both of them.

Love in a way is a very selfish act by the human brain. For we only fall what WE consider is good.

When u like a man/woman what you actually do is connect their attributes to your mental image of your requirements and if the person fits in them...eureka... chemicals are released within the body, you are elated and think that he/she is the one 
( e.g.: for boys  : has a nice butt, dusky/fair , nice hair,talkative” ...for girls: tall, talented,  humorous, wealthy)

It is not because the person is beautiful that you love him/her but it is because they fit in your...Yes YOUR definition of beauty...
How the person objectively is, is never seen.

We crib when they don't love us back(simply put ,when disagreements happen). But aren't you forgetting??...the person was YOUR choice....and slowly with time...YOUR mind starts making newer attributes and criteria for the partner to fit in and when that does not happen....boom bang...fight!

And then you might hear things like "I really miss the person I fell in love with you have changed so much"

Love is a weird thing to fall into ...but I agree its all worth the pain and pleasure.The above are my observations and I need not be right ;)
If there are any new realizations that u found and cannot be classified under any of the above four do let me know

PS: The above ramblings are just my perceptions on love...you can still hold back your fairy tales.

Friday, June 24, 2011

P-art of the Puzzle!

I thank Jyot Rekhi ,Sujata Vedula and Saniya Hussain for asking me to write something new and more importantly Imran Mujawar and Akshay Jain for being there when this was discussed.

Part of Puzzle Ram santosh, source: tecdiary.com
Engineering is finally over and now its time for us to get jobs.Imran and I were discussing how to go about this job hunt because both of us are devoid of exceptional academic records.This conversation had been going on ever since the day exams ended.In the mean while I had to clean my table laden with books (I dunno how many I actually read) and my cupboard and clear some old books.I found a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle that I hadn't touched for years now.

I remembered how easy it was to first pick up the pieces with least number of  interlocking sides.. and place them at the top and sides.Then you pick up the pieces which are the largest or most clearly visible or with  similar colour patterns ,those that make sense to the eye and place them in the puzzle..Eventually I'd be left with some really complex pieces of the puzzle which are a bit difficult to understand .You don't know which is side up or side down u keep postponing them to place them in the end..they are generally the smallest but the toughest to place..They get ignored by us at the beginning because they aren't easily understood. But eventually you have to put them into the puzzle to complete the jigsaw and it is complete only after that tiny /complex/ignored piece has been placed and till then the puzzle is incomplete.

Ram Santosh-Part of puzzle,

I met Imran in the afternoon and as we discussed about our attempts to get jobs again ,I thought may be we are ignored now, may be our credentials aren't understood,may be our academics are complex but they need us We complete the puzzle .Each one has a role to play and this thought assured us we will be working sometime ahead if not soon.We decided what to do with our resumes and where to post them and suddenly felt much better.

Part of the puzzle -Ram
Its been more than two months I wrote last and some very nice people have been asking me "What happened? no more writing?" and when I say "you follow my blog?" and they say " ever since u started".I was left behind with a smile..a smile that ran deeper than just my face.I sure smile always, but this one ,I felt as if i cant pull back my cheek muscles.Appreciation does make you feel alive and worthy.

No matter how you write ..how good/bad you are, how charming/boring you are..you are needed by lot of people, you are needed by the world .You form a part of their puzzle..and you complete them.However small and complex you may be,you sure have a place in the puzzle.

The world is a big puzzle and without you It ain't complete. You fit in somewhere.
Smile and have fun with life.
Wish me luck to find my puzzle soon ;)

Heartfelt thank you to all image sources...this post would have been dry if not for the perfect images

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Screaming beyond Silence!

Every movie or book we come across and is liked is because it has some deep correlation to the events of your life,some characters that resemble you or some characters that resemble the people you know closely.  I watched the movie The King's Speech (true story of King George VI ) and this movie brought back memories of my childhood and my days as a teenager.If you have seen the movie you must have guessed already but for those who haven't  ...yes I'm talking about the chronic stammering /stuttering that the king has to deal with.

No one learns to stutter when they learn to talk .It all starts due to some trigger event.I believe that stammering is more of a psychological problem that a medical one.My oldest memories of the problem that i recollect is when i was 5-6 years old and the elder boys that i played with made fun of it not knowing how much damage it is causing me.Its unfair to blame them as Hritik Roshan (a stammerer himself) says "it is one of those disabilities that is laughed at" and I believe it requires maturity and a proper understanding to realize that it is a problem ,which most young kids lack.

I dreaded going to the local store to buy bread or milk because the shopkeeper used to mock and repeat my words which sounded some what like  Ba- Ba- Ba  bread and Wa W w wafers. On couple of occasions the other customers just burst out laughing and i cried tears and went back running home.On one occasion a man tried to steal the 50 rupee note that i was holding in my hand for buying medicines and I couldn't even shout for help..words just wont come out..I came back home with the torn note which the fist of an 8 year old can hold.

Meeting people at public gatherings was always a pain as it required me to talk.to relatives.I avoided telephonic conversations because it made the listener impatient. School rapid reading sections were always pathetic and i wished the bell rang before my turn came in...when it didn't..I used to shift places with some other friends I had .
Omkar Shibad,Dhruv Mucchal,Aziz Bootwala,Vivek Changoiwala ,Umang Shukla ,Bhaswati Unni, Shruti Menon and Priyanka Pitti are some of the people who realized this discomfort and dared others not to laugh at me.I Thank them today.

Theres a difference between knowing the answers and answering them and I always chose not answering.Eating Samosa was much easier coz I couldnt ask for Wa wa wa wadapav unless the guy is looking at where I'm pointing.

The only times I did not stammer is when  prayed  or when I spoke to myself.

Time moved on I went to national college(considered to be one of the cool colleges as far as crowd is concerned) and while other boys were busy talking to girls I watched.Slowly and steadily by the beginning of engineering I spoke a bit and realized my views were appreciated and even needed by some.My mother has been my best friend and my coach..and I still remember the times I just couldn't stop stammering and her eyes would fill.

Today I want to thank all those people who suppressed their smiles while I spoke ..gave me time to complete my sentences and waited for my opinions on things.The only way to cure this is making their views felt needed and it requires more than just hearing ...do listen to them.

For any stammerer reading this remember a doctor or a coach can only teach you how to play the game ..but in the end its you who is on the playground . You alone can cure this .If you look inside and find reasons you'll get one strong reason which can bring out the never before side of yours waiting to be heard and cheered and scream beyond the silence and make it audible to everyone.

I know times have changed now..at times people wish I shut up and stop talking...but its been in there for all these years and now it feels good to hear myself out .Thank you for reading ..keep coming back to Ram's Realizations.

Click here for a list of stammerers....may be you'll find someone who you admired !

Friday, April 1, 2011

What Seems May Not Be What You Saw

My sister Sanjana and me were travelling in a rickshaw one evening and we tried to be not fed up with the traffic around. We started a game .All we had to was choose a color and identify the number of objects you can see in that color. She first chose yellow and we looked around on either sides of the rickshaw and found many things like the other rickshaws,clothes, boards, helmets, bikes, etc...after a while I said red...and we started to identify red things around us. It included the signals , the cars, clothes ,the interiors of our rickshaw and so on...we then took the game forward beyond colors to  find men with a beard...and women in burkhas ..

After a while a weird thing struck me and I asked her  when u were identifying red things did u even look at the yellow objects? and she said "haila no" , "When you were spotting men with a beard did u care what the other men looked like? " and she said " not at all". I was in as much amazement as she was .We both tried to look at both yellow and red together and we could ,but this time we missed all the other colors..

There are so many important people and things we have in life that we ignore just because WE don't think they are important to us.May be we are missing out on wonderful opportunities of receiving something very colorful.We stay so much in our own definitions of the world that we choose to look at everything that is happening through our custom made Mental Spectacles...Whom you consider a good person may not be and whom you think is bad may be otherwise.

We scream and fight with our parents and our loved ones just because they don't fit in the definition that you coined for them...just because at times your love doesn't seem red to you , we argue and fight to make the picture seem red..not realizing what color love actually is..
Like they say changing  the mirror wont make you look good , for once put you definitions down of good and bad and talk to someone without prior notions...the feeling is beautiful.Some one whom I considered dumb and stupid was just an introvert.Most Beautiful people are unhappy because their definition of beauty is something else..the mental spectacles they wear about beautiful is some other colour.

Colourblind vision

An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while a pessimist sees only the red stoplight... the truly wise person is colorblind.
Albert Schweitzer

Try to look at your friends and neighbors as if you saw them for the first time...try to look at your loved one as if you just met them ...try to look at your parents as if they are your friends' parents ..and you'd realize so many new things about them. For once try to look at your own house as it was some one else's ...try to wear your clothes as if you don't own them .Believe me its a wonderful experience.
"This world is a rosy garden , only if you are wearing red spectacles "
-Ram Santosh

Keep smiling and keep following and coming back to Ram's Realizations .Have a colour blind day! Bless all .

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Conphused Man!

The Air conditioned bus 525 started from its starting point at Goregaon(Where I stay) .I boarded the bus for my one and half hour long journey to New Bombay (Navi Mumbai -where my college is) .There weren’t too many passengers but I still opted to sit  at the last seat. It is raised above al the other seats and you get the whole view of the bus. There was this 40 year old man who occupied a window seat on the left front side of the bus. As the bus set into motion, he suddenly got up and shifted to the parallel seat on the right side of the bus (coz the morning sunlight flashed on his face .I wished I could tell him he was getting free vitamin D) .Now he was on the front right window seat of the bus. After a while the bus took a curved left turn and suddenly this man gets up( now the sun was on his right ) and tries to move to his original seat. Within which humor happened and he lost his old seat and he turned to his new seat again..and guess what.That was taken too! . He then settled for a seat next to me which was neither window seat nor the front seat nor next to the ladies seat: :P 

The next one hour I pondered upon this incident.(something I do best)
Why is it that we all want a problem free life? the sunlight was the problem for this man...where actually the sunlight isn’t a problem at all. It is going to be there no matter how much u avoid it. As the bus keeps taking turns you cannot keep changing sides..
are we considering many things in life 'problems' where in reality they may have something beneficial for us like vitamin D ;)
Man is one greedy animal and his wish list changes from minute to minute 
1. He leaves from home thinking he should get a bus soon... no matter how crowded it is.
2. He stands at the bus stop and wishes he should at least get to get in a bus...
3. He sees a not so crowded bus coming his way...now he thinks at least I should get to sit inside..
4. It should be a window seat at least so that he has some breeze on his face
5. It should be a window seat on next to the door so that he can get down easily ...
6. The conductor should speak to him properly...he’s a government servant :P
7. He wishes he could have a female who could sit next to him!
8. He wishes the female would talk to him.
9. If she did talk he wishes she would ask him out
10. He now wishes he had no office today and could help the woman carry vegetables until home

And they said dream big....
Not dream fast u idiot....
Bollywood movies nai dekha kya? Dreams are always in slow motion …(remember the hero and the heroine running towards each other on a beach?) So dream slow dream definite…and god will be less confused on what to give u…(if ur an atheist and don’t believe in god..then dream definite for your good so that u know what u really want )
And yea morning sunlight is good for health it is not a problem...
Don’t create problems out of things like sunlight
How many ‘sunlights’ do u have? 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Biking Diaries - Pee You Shee Aahe ka?

Latesht AAni Phitest -Latest and fittest -image by NDTV
The tittle actually is the accent of a typical mumbai traffic police.
Its been 5 years since Ive been dealing with them...I keep paying them my tax time and again for being on the roads .At times for my mistakes at times for avoiding wastage of time.I'm sure they are so able that they can find fault even in a new car with every certificate required .
These traffic hawaldars love talking so much..(during negotiation).they can talk to you for an hour and take just fifty rupees for the conversation you had with them ..cheap eh?? try to talk dirty and they even spank you for free!

At times i think if corruption didn't exist i would have ended up paying heavily for my mistakes...but at the same time .But at times i have payed even when i made no mistake...We all wish there was no corruption this no corruption that...but the reality is when we do a mistake we love to be given a concession and get  freed for cheap...like all humans (specially girls) we love cheap deals don't we..
On one side we have WE HATE MUMBAI TRAFFIC COPS PAGE on facebook with 1200 plus likes and simultaneously you have yourself abusing these traffic cops in front of your friends saying 'Mama banaya usko' (fooled 'em)  and you tel your parents ...
"I wasn't wrong at all papa but this corrupt hawaldar na is ...so bad he took 500 rupees just for one can of beer I had"
and papa like all other oldies says 
"corruption is spoiling the country ,these hawaladars must be taught a lesson" .Next day papa pays the hawaldar a cool 100 bucks for jumping the signal ,says "jau dya na saheb late hoth ahe" (please leme go sir,I'm getting late) and after he goes a few meters ahead he thinks he got a cheap deal...

The bottom line is 'We are jealous of them making quick money'.
No one likes a person who makes good money in a quick span ...the instinctive response says "kuch toh jhol hoga" .(Something must be wrong)

Amcha changla Pandu -
Ive had the privilege to drop police men on multiple occasions from SRPF goregaon  to navi mumbai..and listening to their insecurities is again a sad story...Low pays , Sudden transfers, no time to spend with kids, extended work hours...bribes to be paid to get that post. how do they stop not accepting money."Vhery vhary diphicult" says constable Shinde..something has to be done to eliminate corruption in the system..but by people not agreeing to pay bribes???? naah this is never gonna work... coz humans love to peep and anything that's cheap..
Curing an infected mango tree cant be done by spraying flit on the plucked mango
.-© Ram Santosh

Now how do we do it?? I'll come to that in some other blog post! :)

Mala zao dya na ghari aata wajale ki bara -Popular marathi song..
I've stopped blaming these pandu's ( mama's or whatever).Though  they scare me even if I have every certificate and my license .I'm so good at spotting them that I spot them even when I'm in a public transport..."woh lo wahan chupa hai"...(there he is!!!)

These guys can give u  some very  humorous incidents..I thank one of them for the joke below which inspired this blog post

license ahe? ( do u have the license? )
ho (yes)
Pee u shee? (PUC certificate?)
ho aahe (yes i have it)
" Tumcha right cha mirror nahi ahe...dand bharava lagel "
( you dont have a right mirror ..will have to pay fine)
to which I reply 
' pan saheb me lefty ahe '(but im a lefty')
'chal bara za... aj chi bhovni zhali nhauti manun tula thambhavla'( fine then go...i caught you coz i hadn't earned anything today as of now ).

Well the joke is over...if you understood Marathi you can write LOLZ  in the comment box below....LOL (  do we actually LOL?? check this space again you might know) till then have fun with the Pandus 
-Ram Santosh
( I dont remember where I got the images from but please spare me if I forgot to add your names)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Remember Thy Dream

I cleaned my cupboard some days ago and happened to see a notebook I had filled up almost 6 years ago.It was from a workshop I had attended after my tenth boards. What I saw in it moved me more than words could describe.

There was this page on which I had written some of the things I thought could be defined as my dreams. A dream list sort of 

There were more than thirty dreams on the list. Some of them were silly (silly for now, but for a 15 year old it 
was a dead serious list)

As I read the whole list I had this dumbfounded open mouthed look on my face which defined my 
bewilderment. I could not just believe that some of them had already come true and i never realized that they did

Here are some of the things that did come true in the years ahead...And at some point had been a distant dream. I’ve explained why.

My first bike and Me
1. Owning a bike, and riding it like crazy .at that point biking was a strict no no..and I was to inherit my father’s kinetic scooter..Till it got stolen and my dad wanted a replacement.. my LIC agent knew I wanted a bike and he sold off his Yamaha 125 to me for a mere 12k!

2. Becoming a chemical engineer. (should have put 'becoming a good chemical engineer' – be careful for what u wish for) back then in the tenth I dint know what it was to be a chemical engineer, I dint realize it even when I took admission that I was opting for chemical. when I saw this page…I was  flabbergasted

3. Staging a concert. (And what a grand way that happened, in front of more than 500 plus Datta Meghe College people, and I was scared they would boo me to death !) now Ive done more than one concert .
My first Stage performance

Second performance

4. Growing my hair long. ( I cursed my engineering drop , I thought my life was over .Now when I look back I realize the last 2 dreams wouldn’t have come true had I not got the drop. and I love my hair now! views and comments invited on fb :)  )

5. Beating up someone in college like in Hindi movies (I got beaten up too but it was fun) Kids please keep such dreams away from your diaries.

6. Play the guitar (gifted by mom 3 years ago!  I still don’t know how to play it well . but im glad I could compose a few songs of my own)

7. Be on Television for a good reason (and how grand it was. I had come on TV to play the song I myself had written and composed, prime time 7 pm on Bindass channel..This dream came true because of the above dream)

8. Go on a Road trip (Leh Ladakh -21st June '10 to 5th July 10-check out the pictures in my face book album)
Standing half naked at -5 degrees witnessing my first snowfall at khardungla (Leh)
And there were some more small ones which I would like to keep to myself.

However small and trivial they were some had actually come true without my conscious realization. I felt like the rest of them were also gonna come to life and it filled me with a degree of happiness that I had never experienced before.

While we were kids we dreamt of having that geared cycle,video game,those GI-joes, Hotwheels  and when we got it we forgot it was our dream, we dream of sitting/driving  in some car and some day u actually are , the deal is dreams do come true..but we seldom remember them.

I was so glad I wrote them down … knowing that your dreams have come true is the best thing that can amplify your pursuit of happiness ;)

Imagine you running as fast as u could and no one ever told u where the finish line was…no matter how many times u crossed the finish line…you just don’t know that u have won!

Most people keep running such races for life…and always wear a disgusted tired look on their face that says ‘life sucks’ ..in reality they don’t know how much it has given them

Most of us change dreams so fast we don't realize which ones have come true! Take time to acknowledge what you have to day..may be ur having that perfect relationship with ur parents, with your love, may be u have what you wanted the most at some point ...weve been running so fast that we dont take time to look into the past and acknowledge ourselves 
.after all life is all about having what you dont have rather than having what others dont have. The trouble is we want to own what others dont have.

Take time to kiss your mom and tel her how sweet shes been to you, Kiss your automobile and tel her she was ur dream once..(driving becomes so much fun) and  thank god for the life you've had so far .

Its important to acknowledge simple victories in life…every dream come true gives hope for another one…
I’m listening to Dream on by Aerosmith…awesome song!0
Listen to it and remember to dream and more importantly write them down…you’ll have reasons to have lived your life well and so that u could realize as they come true.

People and even your close friends or family members would at times try to discourage you from realizing your dream. Remember 'The world wants you to remain average! '

But then dream on...
and write them down !
show it to them years later 
and smile as u watch them frown!
So Write to remember and remember to write - take care and keep coming back to Ram's Realizations

PS:  Writing what 10 people would read was again a dream!
Thanks to you to have made this possible :)

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