Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why pain is necessary !

I woke up this morning blowing hot air through my mouth, I sighed, I knew I had fever once again.

I asked my sis to do the regular hand on the head experiment and she said ,yes u seem to have very high fever.

I started to feel more ill than the fever made me.

Having fever meant no roaming out for long times ,no dancing for a friends college DJ party, no cold drinks, No junk food, no this and that!!

I reached for the electronic thermometer and stuck it in my mouth a minute later it beeped and it read 103.5!

I thought that's very bad...and I started to feel even worse...these numbers at times make u feel so bad about life. Whether it is marks in school compared with those of Ur friends or whether its number of likes on your facebook statuses.. I wish everything in life had grading systems best, good, okay, bad and ugly.

I went to the doctor and told him give me something which shall flush the fever out of which he replied

“Do you know why you have a fever?"

I said "because I’m probably hit by some virus or bacteria" and felt so good I knew some thing about science!

Doctor said "yes you're right, but fever is not caused by the bacteria or the virus. They are in your body for some other job, and fever is the indicator that something is wrong with your body and tells you about foreign infiltration”

"If you don’t have a fever ,you'll never know your body is under attack ! what fever actually does is it raises the body temperature to such a point where it is difficult for the foreign organisms to sustain in your body and at the same time the white blood cells in your body are increased in number to enable combat against it"

I was amazed at his answer and looking at something like fever through a whole new paradigm eased up my condition a bit. I was no more worried about how ill I am!

I came back home and as I lay on my bed I realized, every discomfort is an indication in disguise.

Without discomforts we would never probably know that something is wrong. Negative emotions and negative experiences often have a message for you, but we often end up focusing on the pain and ignore what it wants us to know

Imagine being cut somewhere on your leg and it never pained..You would never even know and you might bleed to death.

Pain tells you which part of you is weak and needs to be developed

Every person has an aversion to pain. Nobody likes pain but once we realize pain is the innate feedback mechanism which we often ignore the life puzzle will be much easier to solve. We often push around pain not even wondering why it exists.

A headache indicates your brain has been dehydrated or it lacks oxygen the solution is not to pop in an aspirin and believe it’s gone...hangovers can be cured by drinking loads of water and inhaling fresh air (not smoke)

 Every discomfort physical, emotional, social, professional and so on ...has something to tell is trying to scream out something and we often try to stuff its mouth with a quick fix and believe the pain is gone.

If not for pain you would never know something is wrong with your relationship with your body or with somebody!

Pain tells you where you lack and need to improve!

So next time something or someone pains you,

Be thankful, acknowledge and understand the reason why and just move on!!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Dreams On Wheels


"She was a dream ,when I had her I dreamt of something else,
I realized I was living for a dream rather living the Dream itself .
As a teenager she's one of my wildest dreams come true
My First bike,My Yamaha"

I like the sound the winds make
when we're breezing at that speed,
the trees fly by ,everything moves slow
and you make me feel so freed

Many a times I wonder how
my life would have just been,
had I never met you and never felt,
the pleasures we've had since eighteen.

U taught me speed ,how not to greed.
but the fool in me never paid heed
all the times I heard u roar,I wanted more
I'm sorry for the times I made u feel a whore

Many a times in the  past
I've put us through lot a pain
I know I always blame the roads
,the dogs and the stupid rain

I cursed you when u didn't listen to me
it took time for me to realize
that at times you are sick and you need some care
and I need to do more than criticize

You took me through life with all its turns
and you truly helped me grow
For the best journey u need no money
has always been our motto!

You've been with me for five long years
and now i love you even more
thanks for being so good to me
and being faithful to the core

I like the sound the winds make
when we're breezing at that speed,
the trees fly by ,everything moves slow
and you make me feel so freed

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Khadi and the Krowd!

Its one of those places I go and get fascinated,entertained,humoured and lectured every single time I go there..and I go there almost everyday .The khadi has become an addiction for most of its members who turn up regularly apart from being addicted to smoke,tea or narayan's special coffee.
I've heard the withdrawl symptoms of this place are awful.My friends who've shifted from this locality miss this place more than their friends and the first thing they do when they return is " anna ek cutting aur ek cigarette do" to which Narayan Seth/ Anna gives a warm grin and says " tumhara paisa baki tha, abhi toh deke jao ,garib aadmi ko luto mat".
Narayan Seth/Anna writing his Hisaab
U can hate him or love him but narayan seth(the garib aadmi who travels to mangalore and back by flight)  wont do away from his dialogues under any conditions and most of the dialogue sources being south Indian movies.For most people his words are irritating but that's how narayan seth keeps himself humoured.
As narayan comes closer to retirement.he has the perfect successor in his son Prakash ,who is another interesting character, always dressed neatly ,at times even wears sunglasses if its years to come don't be surprised if you see Nityanand Smoke lounge at that place and Prakash standing in a blazer to greet you.
Daily greetings hold an important place in prakash's life.There are more than hundred people who wish him good morning/afternoon/night in a day.Most of the times he shall look at the digital red clock before so that he does not mistake between good morning and afternoon.Prakash is one sincere hard working fellow.both father and son team up to do good business and have maintained relationships with people for the past so many years and both make awesome Coffee.
At times the service is super slow..and u dont even get free stuff for their delay,at times the tea is sugar water n at times its drinkable, but no one really cares they still come back to this place every single day because there is something about the ambiance of this place,its people ,the vibes and the variety they give you.
The best part of The Khadi is the Krowd that comes here..each member of the khadi may be acquainted with an average of at least twenty to twenty five people.There is no membership fees but every member does pay a price to come here..
We use terms like "khoon mang na" no its not a movie tittle but it means, to suck of someones blood till hes gets unconscious I.e talking someone to boredom or irritating to the someday you are the vampire and sometimes u are the victim...and that's the only price we pay. There is no membership fee.
People from all age groups,intellectual levels,professions,all social statuses and colour turn up at The Khadi every single day and that according to me is the best part.Some conversations are interesting and u learn a lot and at times u have a laugh riot and one has the power to choose what he needs to listen to..there are 10 different sets of people talking about ten different things and one is free to join in/interrupt/comment in any of times you take centre stage and speak to a bunch of idiots who know nothing about what youre  talking about..and you get this feel good factor of knowing much more than the common man,and at times you are made to feel the idiot by somebody else.

Most commonly discussed subjects are cars n bikes, India Tv,  Verbal Goof ups, Politics, Sports,  Bussiness, Emotions ,Sex ,Girlfriend ,Cities Gymming and Physical fitness ..if u observe ,all the pages of a newspaper or  a popular News channel have been covered.The Khadi is the one stop shop for all the news/bakwas u can get..
 All important festivals like Holi,Diwali,Newyear and even personal milestones like gettin a job or celebrating a birthday is done at the Khadi! with everyone together!
At times the ambiance is disturbed by the local Police Men (fondly called as Pandu) but now we're used to them and they're used to us!!

I had once written a facebook status message based on this place which had recieved a lot of comments which i shall paste here:
" Life today is...conversations with someone intelligent and also someone dumb,
you get al sorts of people in god's kingdom,
for without a loser how wud u know u wer better
and without someone bigger how do find your trigger"

 This place truly helps keep things in get to see examples of successes and failures and how they have bounced back.
To conclude I would  say that The Khadi is the place where you see Men lying to their wives that they'll be late home just to spend some more time at The Khadi , boys somehow take time off their girlfriends and make it a point to meet the Krowd!!

Now I guess ive written too much and i need a break ...over to the Khadi!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Whats On My Mind !

" The vast majority of humans know not the existence of the mind and its operations. Even the so-called educated persons know very little of the mind subjectively or of its nature and operations.They have only heard of a mind.  "
  ---Swami Sivananda

Thanks to Facebook for it asks me everyday "Whats on my mind? ", reminding me time and again that I have one ,else I would have hardly payed conscious attention to whats going on inside it!
I'm not a writer yet nor I'm an expert in some field/skill but I feel what I write often makes sense to me and to some others as well (Thank You guys!)

Yesterday I happened to read a page of my old diary (written only at certain times when you're having a bad time and people don't seem to understand) and was amazed and amused at how life has changed since then. My emotions,perceptions,beliefs and actions have undergone considerable transformation .
It is because of the events,people,few books and the circumstances to which I have been exposed.
I take immense pride in the fact that my life has changed for the better because my past is now giving me many reasons to smile.So I thought I should write on things which might remind me of the times and also entertain and bring a smile on the face of the reader.

Okay now don't worry this blog is not about my biography , You wouldn't want to read it as yet but hopefully someday you shall.
This shall be about thoughts,people,places and some incidents that occur in my world translated into prose!

I still don't have enough reasons why you should read my blog...but something urges me to write one!.
Lets hope I write something you'd relate to.

-Ram Santosh
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