Monday, December 13, 2010

What we Had is What we Want

 When we were kids :

1..We could communicate even without proper words... we had real emotions
2.We had more of hugs..(even from strangers)
3.We shed tears not for what we lost...but for what we wanted
4.We dint have complex emotions like fear,guilt.cheated,complexes...we were either happy or  hungry
5.We didn't care what the world thought about us (dunia kya sochegi)
6.We spoke to ourselves and could do that all day .(When was the last time you did that? )
7.We dreamed and day dreamed...till we were told its a bad habit and we should get serious and real.
8.We had stronger bones( and loads of them)
9.We demanded things and got them ...without negotiating or worrying about putting across the right words.
10.When we laughed everyone laughed with us .
11.When we cried the world responded
12.Silly things weren't stupid...we were allowed to be stupid at times.
13.Didn't have to worry bout dressing sense..everything we wore looked good on us
14.We were encouraged to stare and play with the kid of the opposite sex ,wherever and  whenever and our parents enjoyed it.And later.......(I don't need to talk about this)
15.We had loads of adjectives to our name
16.We had fun filled birthdays even without alcohol
17.We never got drunk but were still on a high
18.We hardly thought about what we didn't have,we loved our toys like hell
19.We concentrated so much on the games we played
20.We were appreciated for every little thing, scolded but loved as soon as we curled our lips
21.We weren't naturally scared of bhoot...until our parents made us scared for their benefit (udar mat ja bhoot hai. And loads of other fears)
22.We weren't scared of the dogs (bhow bhow) till someone told us ..they bite real hard..and have to be kept away shooing them away
23.Preschool scores never mattered ...but then our world revolved around marks and grades [ I don't even remember them now...(after my 12th I forgot my tenth scores),no one asks my twelfth scores now...slowly..I 'll forget one day about my engineering aggregate ..]
24.We didn't care if we were rich or poor
25.We were given gifts ..people came to meet us..all we had to say was thank you ..and not worry about what to give in return
 (there  can be more ,but that's all I remember contribute in the comments)

.All people remembered you is for how much you could love, how many smiles you could give, how well you could keep your toys, how well you could remember them (not formulas), how well you could sing and how bad you could dance.

We had the perfect lives as kids..then somehow we lost (we were made to lose) it all..and as we grew older..we are in pursuit of finding those same things again..
Life's weird but this is how it is
reading backwards these are what we die for when we become older..

Our greatest problems and fears are cultivated by ourselves or by our up bringing...if only there was a school to Unlearn (fears,beliefs ,myths ) I would love to be its student.
-Ram Santosh


  1. I know how i alwys wanted to be the grown up GIRL....with all those style and fashion.....he he...!!! Now whn i have reached here....i wonder what attracted me ever.....But have to grow now...POOR WE :-( !!! Nice one :-)

  2. Well u have said it all...every grown-ups dream to go to back to their childhood again..relive those precious memories and moments. Feel the freedom with no responsibilities and as u said the emotions of guilt, being cheated, fear, rationality and of all love. We just couldn't live without our parents. n that what we felt was love...undefined and not complicated...just a hug and a kiss. loved the post!!! good job!

  3. Well writen Ram ....
    Don't know why we are in a rush to grow up, i wish some one had told us to slow down and enjoy ...

  4. @ Raisa..exactly life was much better yesterday ..and will always will be ..untill we are not fooled by someone who tells us he has seen tomorrow and this is not how we should live!(parents included)

    @Padma thank you.keep visiting .:)

    @Payal ..i wish someone had told to grow up and be happy about growing uP!

  5. fear,myths,faith,beliefs,trust etc etc is so built by ourselves aftr nly xperiencin few thngs arnd us.... bt den as kids nthng matterd cos v were sure of wat we wantd nw der r so many options dat v rather waste our tym in selecting n gettin choosy... i noe we cant go yet d best part is we can cherish those awesmme memories... hats off dude...

  6. it mks me nostalgia cnt recreate d lost legacy..1 needs 2 move on instead of finding d lost pursuits...wen i say move on i definitely mean 2 b a person widout hvng ny fear of d future.."future is nt sumthing wich v await its sumthing wat v create"(i've heard dis line sumver nd i found it apt 2 write here)-MINAKSHI

  7. an additional comment on ur pictures wich u hv put in dis article...i really lykd it..!nd on ur writing - so here it goes.. keep blogging so dat i cn say ur writing is mind-boggling....ohwie its

  8. Hey...hw can u write so welll
    i nvr wanted to grow big:(

  9. This is so so so true, Ram!!!
    I was actually trying to scroll to sight a poem here...and then the title caught my eye.. and I was hooked!!

    Awesome food for thought!! I think you have said it all too perfectly here... Indeed we want what we once had... and it's up to us how we get it.. yet again!


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