Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Other side of the Road

I was walking my way back home from college after another exam from Hub mall to Goregaon station (east).
Major part of the road to the station is a single lane road and very village like.The roads are broad enough to let just one big truck and a bike pass together.In case of two trucks coming in opposite directions one has to wait till the other driver shows off his driving skills.Most of the road is dug up at the sides in the pretext of putting some cables into the road.Now I don't want to stress on this point and curse the BMC for it..there are plenty of other bloggers doing this job.

The road is a bit difficult to walk on as you have vehicles honking behind your ass often.Most of the times you keep looking back to see whether the horn was of a car,bike or a truck.and since the road is so narrow you would have to be really careful not be kissed by some truck .I realised every 10 seconds i had to look back once to make sure no vehicle would run me over.
After a while I realized how stupid i was being.I just crossed to the other side of the road...and started walking..
Now I had traffic flowing towards me ..and this was much easier..I dint have to worry about some thing unexpected from behind  I could see whats coming to me
All I had to do was walk on the other side of the road and face the traffic head on.. since it is easier to face incoming traffic than walk with traffic in your direction.

This led to some realizations ,

1.We are, most of the times on the wrong side of the right path ..and we complain of the path being wrong.
2.Problems cannot be avoided ..the more you avoid and run away from them the more they are gonna honk into your ears and kick your ass..face them head on and they shall soon pass away.
3.Focus more on  problems of the future (ahead) than problems of the past (behind) ,you'll move a lot faster

Taking the road less traveled (as said by Robert Frost) good but if u have no other route..remember every road has two sides just walk on the other side.

You might be on the wrong side of the right road

If its a bull grab it by its horn
not to run,but to fight you are born
-Ram Santosh


  1. dude ur simply awesmme.. jus inspiring ppl lik me day by day to move on with life the way it is given... so true... may b v r on the wrng side.. n truely speakin v do feel a pinch if v do smethng wrng..smethng dat tells us dat no dis is right n dat is nt.. jus need to follow it.. thnx again fr such an amazing article... waitin fr more... as a human wants r alwys gonna increase.. ;)

  2. awesome work....again....hw do u do it man..i'm jealous! ;)
    ur blogs have dis "common sense" essence which most of us tend to overlook in our daily lives...n dats where u score!! well written :)

  3. Very well written bro...

    good points you have shared in the realization section..

    I too prefer walking on the other side of the road..
    taking the traffic head on...

  4. Hey...i love the analogy and they way you have drawn realisations :) very ordinary yet very touching. Keep it up :)

  5. hey ram,it's nice to know that a road traffic block and the disorganized road structure could inspire us with so many things.Good perspective of thinking and nice write up.Happy to be a part of this .


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