Friday, November 19, 2010

The Rose Plant - Freedom and Balance

 This one is for anybody who is in a relationship with any person on this planet.

We all love stories don't we? The 'Rose Plant' is a story with many deep insights and morals and paradigms.
I've tried to my brains best capacity to coin this story and also some valuable co-relations and morals it has come by.

A man once got home a Rose Plant.He was very very happy and enthusiastic. He had in his hands one of the most beautiful flower plants in this world. as soon as he held the plant in his hands he was wondering how many roses it can give him and how he can obtain the best of roses.He purchased a very expensive pot for the plant.He sent his servant to get the best possible soil and some fertilizers which would make sure the rose plant gives him healthy roses.he watered the plant every day without fail.he would take care to keep weeds from growing in the pot and even got insecticides to keep insects at bay.
In spite of all this the plant started getting weak and eventually died. He did not know what went wrong.He blamed the soil ,the fertilizers, the water and anything he could.He knew without water the plant would die,without fertilizers he wouldn't get the best yield  and without pesticides some organism might damage the plant. He had missed out on one of the most important ingredients  for growth of the plant 'Sunlight'.


We are all like the man and the Rose Plant can be your son, daughter, friend, student ,girlfriend,boyfriend, husband or wife. We all have expectations right from the time the relationship takes birth..right from the time the child is born the parents have already thought of how they are to bring up the child, the teacher expects great scores from the student,the lover expects never ending understanding from the partner.

Every aspect of the story has a relation to human needs.Getting good soil for the plant is like getting a good atmosphere for the person to grow.if the soil ain't right or filled with nutrients the growth of the plant is gona be very poor.Unless the atmosphere (home,office,school) aint positive and filled with good values the relationship is going to have a tough time.
The fertilizers to the Rose Plant are like luxuries offered to humans.
They say "Living in the lap of luxury isn't bad, except that you never know when luxury is going to stand up"
Comprises of all material things that we buy or do for the relationship.Like getting the Kid into a good school, buying him all the toys he needs,the PSP's and the Cellphones and sneakers and all that Bling! lovers buy each other stuff hoping that these luxuries are what they ought to do and that's all they have to do to have a great relationship.

The insecticies/pesticides to the Rose Plant ,another important ingredient ,is to provide safety from foreign attacks.For humans its Security and Protection that the relationship can provide. More the pesticides more the security??? not actually, it doesnt work that way .It just spoils the yeild of the plant making it offer too much security and it shall be poisonous.
Most 'Run Aways' and 'Suicides' happen in highly secured homes. where the security is so tight not allowing space to breathe.

Water to the rose plant is like affection and attention without which no relationship can survive.It is a daily need and the foundation for each cell of the plant to times you can do without  luxury(fertilizers), without too much security (pesticides) ,but with proper values (soil ) and attention(water) the relationship (plant) can grow beautifully.Most Parents,teachers and lovers often neglect this major daily need and they make up for it with sudden bursts of luxury and security(fertilizers and pesticides -by now ur getting the hook of it arent you) but it doesnt work that way ,nor can u put all the water on just one day wen the kids got good grades (on other days wen hes back from his game u dont even know which game hes soiled his clothes on) On birthdays,children's day and anniversaries the parents,teachers,lovers show sudden affection (too much water) which doesn't help the plant to grow! all it causes is a temporary emotional flood!

After providing all the above one doesn't realize it the most important need of the plant -sunlight-it stands for  freedom, space and society.its like you have all the luxuries, al the protection but no where to go?no people to meet?no views exchanged? no new ideas? i call this slow is a social animal and without society it doesnt matter if hes dead or alive ..let them facebook a bit ,call their friends,meet up old school buddies and share how they are alive

Give your child ,student,lover the much needed freedom,let them bask in the sunshine, water them everyday, provide them with what they need, make them feel secured and I'm sure the flowers are gonna be beautiful and will come forever

Each of the above discussed components is a must for the plants growth..
Make sure all of them are in balanced quantities.The concept of balance is another interesting one.

Too much of freedom can lead to havoc...the plant with only the sunlight can burn to death because of the environment.
Too much of water shall drain the soil of the essential nutrients and make the plant unhealthy
Too much of  pesticides makes the yield poisonous ( hi security breakage running away etc)
Too much of fertilizers make the plant incapable to sustain its growth once the fertilizers are not given, it does not make use of its internal capabilities to absorb nutrients.

Too much of anything is bad for you
be it love ,hate and vitamins too.
Every boon in history has proved to be a bane
Midas' touch or Bruce Almighty's pain.
Too much sunshine or too much rain
If it ain't constructive its all in vain
Don't give too much nor receive
Balance is what you need to achieve
----© Ram Santosh

Happy gardening!



  2. hmmmmm... its a very gd thought ram... absolutely ryt... too much of evrythng spoils d relationship... be it wid any1.. simply great.. bt one question will too much of love spoil thngs around u?? cos dats wat evry human wants i believe?....

  3. @saniya ..
    yes too much of love is like overdosage of can turn into over possessiveness or even too much control !
    everything must have negatives coz without a negative pole...a magnet is not a magnet..and if its not a magnet..theres no attraction!

  4. hey ram!loved ur post - 'd rose plant' realy makes u stop n think bout d ppl n realtionships dat u r in......instead of jus flowin on wid lif...keep goin

  5. this is my favouite !!!!
    liked the last line....''happy gardening''

  6. dis is ur 2nd post dt i hv read & m gonna make others read dis 1.. stupid of me dt i dint read ur posts earlier.. keep posting!!
    Indira :)

  7. very true....realization of this fact is very important


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