Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Laws of Physics and Everyday Life - III

(This is the third part of the series Laws of physics and Everyday Life, do read my earlier posts if you wish to know how the earlier laws have been described)

Newtons Third Law:(The last of Newtons laws of Motion)
"To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions."

It is by far one of the most important laws of physics and  one of the most commonly observed laws ..and its instances are vey visible like the ones stated below:
1.A Bird flaps its wings and pushes the air down and it goes up

2.We are able to swim like we do because of Newton,else we would have pushed the water in the same direction we wanted to swim and...swam backwards!! ( okay I know man learned to swim without knowing the law too, I was just being humorous)

3.Clock wise rotation of the wheels pushes the road which in turn propels the car in forward direction and anticlockwise ( in the reverse gear only) pushes the car backwards

4.Mummy's hand pains after shes hit us...if only she knew these laws correctly..she would have saved herself.(But some of them are still smarter they use instruments like sticks ,hangers,bats and so on and these instruments greatly reduce the force on her hands :( )

The birds flight and the swimming of fishes and octopuses show the law in action!
So basically  the third law defines how we are able to walk,run,slap,press,commute,fly and even jump

The third law I believe corresponds to the Law of Karma "Whatever you do to others - will be done to you" also ' The Cause and Effect Theory' .Its like you slap the wall with terrible force and you end up losing your hand ..what you hit with ,hits you back with it ..I know you may consider this idea a bit lame "what karma? what newton? mad o what?" but I still  believe and shall try to put it to paper someday ( I shall write another article based on this later)

I belive.the laws of science correspond to life ..if you fall of a building terrace ,it doesn't matter whether you are a  good person or a bad person you are going to die.. GRAVITY works all the time

The Law of Conservation of Mass tells us three things : can never be created or destroyed can be converted from one form to the other
3.the total energy in this world at any time is  constant
Its intriguing how the existence of gods can be related to this...gods just appeared and are always there..
in the case of polytheism there are various forms of gods (in case of monotheism the same god assumes different forms ) and then we all say GOD IS ONE .

I hope both Osho and Newton aren't offended by anything I've written so far coz suddenly I feel Im talking  about their dear subjects  'Karma' and ' Motion '

There can be volumes said about the laws of conservation of momentum ,magnetism ,gravity, electricity and our everyday activities but it would be too heavy for this post :) (heavy for me, the writer,I better be specific)

I wish to write much much more but I'm overloaded with the number of consecutive thoughts upon this topic in my the moment .I would say Physics and its laws have real deep relationships with how humans behave( includes their psychological and physiological aspects ). the more we look at the laws from a philosophical paradigm the more life and its problems make sense to us.After all its we who make the problems appear as big or as small as they are. Newtons laws tell us how to get out of the rut,get that momentum going and how to jump as hard as you can so that you can reach as high as you can get in life.
Until next time ..Adios
- Ram Santosh (Proud to be An Engineer)


  1. you are such a good writer man! :)
    hope to see more interesting stuff coming up =D

  2. Newtons laws tell us how to get out of the rut,get that momentum going and how to jump as hard as you can so that you can reach as high as you can get in life.
    Until next time....

    this was d best lines in d article..
    gud 1 ram

  3. @ganesh and @swap thank you so much for taking time to read this!

  4. very well written...especially the mom hitting part..made me understant better :))

  5. U found a lovely beautiful way to explain two heavy subjects. i never really connected karma and motion... and this blog makes so much sense !
    well though and written Ram :)

  6. @sanjana thank you so much!

    @priyanka ! thank you so much .im really glad reading what you have written!!

  7. superrrrrrrrrrrbbb dude... u noe na d favor??? thnx fr such awesmme articles u put on... its so simple to undrstnd life by relatin it to science n den v noe evrythng is so co-related to each othr,.. jus a gd observation is reqd.... guess u did dat.. gr8 goin dude.. waitin fr more... :)

  8. @saniya i hope i deliver more!!thnx for the favor il be more glad to give it to u!

  9. Inspiring esp...the last part...
    Keep it coming , buddy !

  10. Nice. Science and philosophy are indeed connected. One makes understanding of the other better. They are two parallel lines of a single railway track moving in same direction, corresponding each other but never merging.


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