Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The F -art of Thinking!

Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
         -Albert Einstein

.Not many of us closely observe how and  what we think.Most of us are unaware of our thought processes and why we think in a certain way.We all know that its the thinking that a man does which can shape his life, create differences between good and bad,like or dislike things and people and create or destroy perceptions .

About a couple of days ago I met Paramveer Singh and Prashant (Pav) at The Khadi (to know what  'Khadi' is read my previous blog post). That day something interesting happened which made me aware of my thinking habits.
Param had just come and he was speaking to soon as I greeted Param and the following conversation unfolded:

Param: Hey Ram, I wish you had come a minute earlier i wanted to share something with you which I just shared with pav
Me: Oh what is it? tell me now.
Param: I'll tel u later..had u come a minute earlier I would have let u know.
Me: (asking pav) what is it? tell me
Pav: We'll tel u later
Me: common guys you've invoked my curiosity just tel me!
Pav: wait re baba,wel tel u
Me: is it something special?
Param: hmm....ya it is but its not at the same time..its being special even when its not
Me: I hope u do have something to tell me.
Param: of course dude..there is something.
(5 mins passed)
Me: okay guys at least tel me what is the topic about.
Param: why do u wanna hurry ,we'll tel you when we think its time to.Have patience
Me:I've waited enough now give me the topic
Param: okay if you really wana know we are dealing with 'INDIGESTION'
Me: Now that's weird what on earth do u wanna tell me about Indigestion
Param: its not only for you its for everybody in general.
Me: by any chance do u mean indigestion of words, actions or deeds?
Param: yea sort of!
(After 5 more mins of thinking)
Me: what wrong have I done? have i said something wrong about you ?that i shouldnt have.
Param: why are u thinking so much .we're anyways gona tel you..dont think so much you'll be flirting with schizoprenia someday
(after 10 more mins of making me think)
Pav:okay u really wana listen to what we have to say??
Pav comes closer shakes hands with me and farts.
and both of them smile
Me: That's all??? u had to say?
Param: that's all brother
Me: did u do this on a purpose? I mean do u do this with every person?
Param: there again you're thinking too much my friend.

There are so many things in life that we think to much about when actually there equivalent to just a fart.
I realized how the things that pestered and haunted me so much and sapped my energies into thinking about them weren't that worth...
Humorously these two people made me realize something worthwile.

The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.
Carlos Castaneda -


  1. lmao...that's a good insight with a stylish example :) kudos brother, keep blogging!

  2. thats a really thoughtful way to put across a conversation on farts...

  3. @priya ...i know its weird made me realize i thot i should pass it on!

  4. How are on your path to self realisation...its an enjoy.

  5. again well written mannnn......keep it up...n pav keep d farts goin so da al of us realize a lot f thngs frm ur farts!!!!!!

  6. An example well caught and taught.. well written Ram..

  7. @pranoy thank you!
    @priyanka...glad you read it!

  8. OMG!!! Thats so damned insightful!! What-a-comparison!!

  9. And as a matter of fact most people loose it while over thinking things that would have passed as a 'fart' while some tend not to give a rats ass about stuff. The other aspect to your post can be an atomic fart.:) A fart that deserves a little bit more attention than a rats ass. So what I am aiming at is there needs to be a balance in life so that you could weigh your "farts".:P

  10. @lost in your comment but id be glad if i knew who you are...your profile has no name!

  11. Myself Mr Nachiket Panse. Pleased to meet you.|\m/

  12. @nachi ha aha me the please too to the meeting YOU! u've written a pretty good comment man!! im pleased!

  13. @ram reply Nachiket in bhojpuri days he only understands dat.. hehehe...
    ny ways keep on Realizing

  14. Thanx for the invite to your blog... visited after long time.. very true boss!! gud one.. Well i think somewhere we both share a same thought process.. Cheers.. life is Simple so Live N enjoy. God Bless.. Keep it up!!!

  15. @ swap thank you so much!

    @sonia cheers to you too! thank yoU!

  16. lengthy but grt conclusion!!!
    art of F-art!! :P

  17. haha... i loved this.. and the friend "param"...hehe


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