Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Whats On My Mind !

" The vast majority of humans know not the existence of the mind and its operations. Even the so-called educated persons know very little of the mind subjectively or of its nature and operations.They have only heard of a mind.  "
  ---Swami Sivananda

Thanks to Facebook for it asks me everyday "Whats on my mind? ", reminding me time and again that I have one ,else I would have hardly payed conscious attention to whats going on inside it!
I'm not a writer yet nor I'm an expert in some field/skill but I feel what I write often makes sense to me and to some others as well (Thank You guys!)

Yesterday I happened to read a page of my old diary (written only at certain times when you're having a bad time and people don't seem to understand) and was amazed and amused at how life has changed since then. My emotions,perceptions,beliefs and actions have undergone considerable transformation .
It is because of the events,people,few books and the circumstances to which I have been exposed.
I take immense pride in the fact that my life has changed for the better because my past is now giving me many reasons to smile.So I thought I should write on things which might remind me of the times and also entertain and bring a smile on the face of the reader.

Okay now don't worry this blog is not about my biography , You wouldn't want to read it as yet but hopefully someday you shall.
This shall be about thoughts,people,places and some incidents that occur in my world translated into prose!

I still don't have enough reasons why you should read my blog...but something urges me to write one!.
Lets hope I write something you'd relate to.

-Ram Santosh


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