Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why pain is necessary !

I woke up this morning blowing hot air through my mouth, I sighed, I knew I had fever once again.

I asked my sis to do the regular hand on the head experiment and she said ,yes u seem to have very high fever.

I started to feel more ill than the fever made me.

Having fever meant no roaming out for long times ,no dancing for a friends college DJ party, no cold drinks, No junk food, no this and that!!

I reached for the electronic thermometer and stuck it in my mouth a minute later it beeped and it read 103.5!

I thought that's very bad...and I started to feel even worse...these numbers at times make u feel so bad about life. Whether it is marks in school compared with those of Ur friends or whether its number of likes on your facebook statuses.. I wish everything in life had grading systems best, good, okay, bad and ugly.

I went to the doctor and told him give me something which shall flush the fever out of which he replied

“Do you know why you have a fever?"

I said "because I’m probably hit by some virus or bacteria" and felt so good I knew some thing about science!

Doctor said "yes you're right, but fever is not caused by the bacteria or the virus. They are in your body for some other job, and fever is the indicator that something is wrong with your body and tells you about foreign infiltration”

"If you don’t have a fever ,you'll never know your body is under attack ! what fever actually does is it raises the body temperature to such a point where it is difficult for the foreign organisms to sustain in your body and at the same time the white blood cells in your body are increased in number to enable combat against it"

I was amazed at his answer and looking at something like fever through a whole new paradigm eased up my condition a bit. I was no more worried about how ill I am!

I came back home and as I lay on my bed I realized, every discomfort is an indication in disguise.

Without discomforts we would never probably know that something is wrong. Negative emotions and negative experiences often have a message for you, but we often end up focusing on the pain and ignore what it wants us to know

Imagine being cut somewhere on your leg and it never pained..You would never even know and you might bleed to death.

Pain tells you which part of you is weak and needs to be developed

Every person has an aversion to pain. Nobody likes pain but once we realize pain is the innate feedback mechanism which we often ignore the life puzzle will be much easier to solve. We often push around pain not even wondering why it exists.

A headache indicates your brain has been dehydrated or it lacks oxygen the solution is not to pop in an aspirin and believe it’s gone...hangovers can be cured by drinking loads of water and inhaling fresh air (not smoke)

 Every discomfort physical, emotional, social, professional and so on ...has something to tell is trying to scream out something and we often try to stuff its mouth with a quick fix and believe the pain is gone.

If not for pain you would never know something is wrong with your relationship with your body or with somebody!

Pain tells you where you lack and need to improve!

So next time something or someone pains you,

Be thankful, acknowledge and understand the reason why and just move on!!

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  1. Never knew d +ve side of fever!!
    Good goin..
    Nw nt nly in fever, I will try 2 smile in every discomfort thinkin der will B a blessing in disguise!! :)))

  2. @ asif : thank u and nice thought !!

  3. Its awesome man.... keep it up !!!

    I was waiting for this !!!

  4. Good one Shriram :) Very good writing :)

  5. i ll go with asif....indeed a gr8 realization ....liked it....!!

  6. @ kalpesh thank u so much brother!

    @shuba thank u very much!

    @pranoy thanx for the liking!

  7. evry discmfrt is definitely a lesson in disguise.. its jus abt how we look at it.. as pain or as lesson.. ryt ram??
    doing awesme job dude... keep going... :)

  8. @saniya're the best student one could ever have... ;) u read so well !! and u put it so well ". its jus abt how we look at it.. as pain or as lesson.. "

  9. man

  10. \m/ I like...! :D Its informative..yet unlike news articles.. ITS ENTERTAINING! i love the analogy u've made btwn fever & -ve emotions :).. very modernist approach to co-relate two totally dissociated topics in one.. :)

  11. @wrisha ...thats the best comment i ever got from someone...glad you read this!! thank you!

  12. amazing shreeram... really liked it!!

  13. nice work and well written Ram

  14. That's all of true...must say u write too well. crunching emotions to a generalized symptom cant be done by many. Pain is important to realize that we have to start working ourselves. It helps realize, that "U" exist in this world where u always seek to live for friends and family and career and money and....cheers for the write up dude...

  15. @priya Thanks a ton for giving my that comment!
    it shows how in sync my readers are with my thoughts!

  16. a "rare" thought wich ppl generally neva think of it..!KUDOS 4 ur writing skills wich is totally out of the box!

  17. A well analysed and nicely written post

  18. hey...realy appreciate dis 1...although its hard 2 practise in our lifeee;)

  19. @vikram Karve...sir its a pleasure to have u on my blog!
    thank you for commenting!

    @shruti its not as hard as it seems! :) ive tried it !

  20. hey a good one indeed...too good>>>

  21. That's a wonderful and new perspective on fevers.. Great post!

  22. very nice Ram.......superlike!!!!!

  23. our body due creation is a brilliant itself.......a self sustaining being which is balanced so well....that any disturbance in those levels trips the body alarm.....

    and the alarm rings in the forms of fever, loose motions and stuff.....

    always trying to balance itself with the crap we put inside our mouth.......

    another big realization indeed :)

    kudos.....keep it coming ;)


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